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Home Health Care in Wake County


Why is it so important to learn about home health care companies in Wake County, NC?  According to a recent survey by AARP, an astonishing 90% of seniors desire to “age in place,” or remain in their own homes as they grow older.  Clearly, this is a dream for virtually all seniors.  However, many seniors wonder if aging in the comfort of their own homes is only a dream that can never be realized.

The reality is that aging in place may not be out of reach for seniors.  Many seniors can remain at home as they age — whether they have minor health issues or major medical needs requiring 24-hour care – with the help of skilled home health care companies.  Home health care providers offer nursing care that one could once receive only in a skilled nursing facility… right in your home!

Several home health care companies in Wake County, NC can help your beloved grandmother age at home.  To select the right provider, it is important to understand home health care services, assess how they meet your grandmother’s needs, and determine how they fit your budget.

Home Health Care Services

The first step is to fully understand what home health care is – and what it is not.  Skilled home health care includes highly skilled nursing care such as rehabilitation, infusion care, intravenous care, and other forms of medical care once available only in assisted living or skilled nursing home facilities.  Home health care is not non-medical home care, which provides assistance with activities of daily living such as grooming, eating, housekeeping, etc.  To learn more about non-medical home care, see “Non-Medical Home Care in Wake County, NC.”

Home Health Care and Your Budget

The cost of care will be driven by grandmother’s needs.  Although “around-the-clock” care will be much more expensive delivered at home than in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, 24-hour care or constant monitoring is often not necessary for many seniors.  Using home health care for only a portion of your loved one’s care will reduce the overall cost of skilled home health care. Medicare and Medicaid covers skilled home health care costs for patients classified as “homebound” by the doctor – if the care is administered on a part-time or “intermittent” basis.  All or part of the cost of care may have to be covered through private funds, long-term care insurance, or VA Benefits if you do not qualify for Medicare. It is not surprising that most seniors dream of aging in familiar surroundings and interacting with family members, children, neighbors, and pets.  Wake County home health care providers can make that dream a reality.