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Community Services That Can Help With Care


For adults that are older and are in need of support to be independent in their respective homes, there are members of both public and private organizations ( AARP ) that are just coming up offering home and community-based services .  Most of the services they render is aimed at easing the tension on the caregiver and resolving long-term care issues. The services range from bi-weekly assistance with household chores to all other home care services. These services are provided by trained aides, volunteers, and nurses. Getting these services may demand some seeking out, but they are well worth the search. Helpful information to get you started is provided below.

Eldercare Locator

Do you need help to find local services in your loved one’s community?. The Eldercare Locator provides area-specific advice for services including transportation options, home care, meal plans, and more. For easy access, Use the helpful search tool on their website.

Companionship Services

Local agencies on aging usually fix a companion with older adults who checks in on a regular basis given at an affordable rate. It can be achieved through personal contacts and also over the phone to provide supervision at home, friendly and guaranteed, social interaction. The purpose of this regular communication from a companion can help avoid some of the guilt of caregivers related to their being unable to stop in as frequently as they would like. Information about companionship offerings, you can get in touch with your state agency on aging.

General Housekeeping and Upkeep

Home-care aides and Homemakers are available to offer help for those that needs help with their day-to-day tasks like cooking, laundry, shopping and all other household duties. These homemakers can also provide help with bathing and dressing. And if it is general home maintenance, home repair services are available that are willing to perform minor repairs and maintenance. These two providers charge hourly. Your local senior center or state agency on aging may be able to direct you on how to get these services.

Meal Programs

Daily meal preparation can become stressful in older adults. And at such point, a meal delivery service may be required, if your loved one resides in a facility that arranges group meals or close to a senior center, you can make arrangements for him to join a meal group. Verify the meal options that are available in your area by contacting your local senior center to get more information.

Senior Centers

Senior centers in most communities across the country offer older adults the occasion to meet with their peers in a relaxed setting and they are allowed to partake in a variety of programs and activities. The Senior center’s goal is to see the older loved ones age fruitfully and with fulfillment, so they offer an engaging environment for them. Patrons can take part in a variety of activities such as exercise classes, excursions and day trips and, in some places, continuing education classes. Health screenings are often available, as well as the meal is available too. You can check your phone book to know the senior center closest to you or you can as well visit the website of the National Council on Aging.


A time is coming that there will be a necessity for transportation alternatives. Whether or not a caregiver is nearby to offer transportation to their loved ones. There are a diversity of transportation services in most communities: taxis, hired car services, volunteer drivers, Dial-a-Ride, ride sharing, public transportation, etc., which can help out in cases that the senior centers are far away from the locations of your loved ones. You can also check out our article on transportation so as to learn more about these options.

Adult Day Services

Older adults who need supervised support all through the day can stop over at the adult day centers for services in a group setting. You can check out our article on adult day services to learn more.

Faith Communities

Some religious organizations offer services of a diverse kind to aged people. You can inquire about the programs for seniors, in case your loved one is connected to a community already. Faith in Action, for example, is a nondenominational network of volunteers helping people stay in their homes.

Disease-Specific Organizations

Disease-specific organizations regularly give services that can be of help to both patients and caregivers of those who suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer or diabetes.  The Alzheimer’s Association gives a 24-hour emergency response service to those with illness and also their families, and an online aid community for their caregivers. Also, they offer a 24-hour helpline an avenue for loved ones can ask their questions or if they are in urgent need to talk to someone. Visit the website of the Alzheimer’s Association’s, to know more about their services and programs.  The American Cancer Society gives useful advice on how best to be a caregiver to a patient suffering from cancer and also an online community where cancer caregivers can connect and support one another are available. To learn more, you can visit the American Cancer Society’s website.