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Advanced Home Care

4001 Piedmont Pkwy.

High Pointe, NC, 27265

(336) 883-8822

About Advanced Home Care

Advanced Home Care is a nonprofit home care organization and is one of the largest home health companies in the country providing skilled home health services, infusion therapy, respiratory therapy and medical equipment services to patients in their homes. We have branches all over Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

You can get information for each of our branches and the locations of our offices in this service area map. Just click on a map marker for addresses, directions & phone numbers. To get this information make a selection from the drop down menu to the left.

Company Overview

Advanced Home Care is a non-profit, hospital-allied company offering remarkable full health care services to patients in need at the comfort of their homes.

We have over 30 branch locations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. We remain one of the largest Medicare-/Medicaid-certified home care organizations in the Southeast. Over 30,000 patients receive services from us each day. We have committed and caring staff that are available to provide equipment and services that are helpful to the recovery of people in their homes.

With our collaboration alongside great health systems has been of help. Advanced home care has become a leading industry in the development of top diseases management programs. Processes that are both cost-effective and patient-focused has been implemented, and we have been enormously proactive in our data collection in measuring clinical outcomes and also patient satisfaction.

Advanced Home Care aim is to give compassionate, high quality and innovative health care to patients in their respective homes. We aimed at being a vital part of the continuum of care in the communities we serve; we, therefore, endeavor to achieve the highest standard in the industry. Satisfying our patients is of paramount importance to us, so the use of an independent vendor of health care fulfillment measurement.

We also wish to keep on being relevant to customers through the provision of the highest-quality, most considerate home health care ever available. At Advanced Home Care, caring is our specialty, home care is our business.


Our extraordinary team offers compassionate and high-quality healthcare for the best value ever, one person at a time.


To be a nationally recognized choice for patients, healthcare partners and employees so as to create life-changing possibilities.

Value Statements

Who we are and what we stand for in every interaction is guided by our values.

  1. Spirit – Encourage, Inspire and Celebrate
  2. Caring – Make a positive difference for others
  3. Exploration – Be curious about the possibilities
  4. Collaboration – Partner for breakthrough results
  5. Integrity – Be open, honest, and ethical

We create greatness daily for our patients, our societies and each other through these values.