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Aging Family Services

4812 Six Forks Rd #110

Raleigh, NC , 27609

(919) 781-5979

Professional Geriatric Care Management in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Since 1993


Aging Family Services is a specialized care management service. Our focus is helping individuals and families cope with the problems of ill health, aging, and crises. We do this by explaining well sought out choices and options for getting the care needed.

The aging Family services were the first private geriatric care management service in the Triangle. Our services have been with the commitment given to the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area dated as far back as the year 1993.

Long Distance Elder Care

How would you handle taking care of your aging parent knowing fully well that their health is at stack by them staying alone? You leave hundreds of thousands of miles away.

Handling the Stress of Care Giving

It can be daunting to care for an aging family member.

Caring for a disabling or an ill parent can be particularly challenging while the demands of daily work, your family needs, and caregiving are even a Herculean task.

Fortunately, we help individuals and families live an excellent life, even in the face of the challenges above by explaining choices and options for getting the care they need.

Helping You Help Them

Your aged parents and other old loved ones having been independent. If you have lately been thinking about their need for more assistance with everyday needs like preparing meals, taking their medication, grocery shopping, bathing, paying bills, and getting to the doctor. Then we are your best choice in giving them optimum care.