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Boylan Clinic Signature Care

2417 Atrium Drive, Suite 250

Raleigh, NC, 27607

(919) 659-5637

Welcome to Boylan Clinic

The Boylan Clinic is a concierge medical practice located in Raleigh, NC that is unmatched in patient service in convenience. Our team provides comprehensive, exceptional, highly personalized care. We are no match with traditional primary care practices because of the quality of services we offer.

Concierge medicine is an old idea with a new name. We operate with a physician-patient relationship built over time on mutual trust and respect. Time spent in the office, out of the office, on the phone or with you whenever illness or any health issues arise. With 75 years of patient trust and expertise, Drs. Todd Helton, Charles Wehbie, and Robert Smithson are looking forward to building a long-term relationship with you and your family.

Signature Care Benefits

  • Access to your physician every day of the week all through the year
  • On-time office visits
  • Same-day or next-day appointments guaranteed
  • Zero membership fee for dependents
  • Emphasis on well-being and prevention that cuts across special invitations to educational workshops and seminars
  • Extended office visits to meet all of your requests and concerns
  • So as to coordinate your care with other specialists, scheduling of test and any other need of yours
  • Personalized care focused on your needs
  • Dependents’ (age 18-26) care (requires additional office fee)

Some refer to it as concierge medicine; we prefer to call it good, smart medicine.


Contact us now at (919) 659-5637 to get more information or to join.