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Freedom Frogs

9104 Falls of Neuse Rd, Suite 100

Raleigh, NC, 27615

(919) 719-3535


Freedom Frogs is the first and the primary contact that you need to stay comfortably in your home. Our advice helps overcome the anxiety, worry, and fear that comes with the challenges of health issues. Find your purpose, age with grace and enjoy family gatherings, and holidays in places you have grown to love.

Helping Caregivers

Does a loved one need the help of a home to live independently and stay in the comfort of their own? But maybe there are concerns with safety, falling, or difficulty going up the stairs. Perhaps there is a need for toileting assistance, bathing or food preparation. Does a kitchen or bathroom need to be changed to be functional?

Helping Healthcare Professionals

You can be rest assured working with Freedom Frogs. Our home resource expertise have years of personal life and industrial experience to relate individuals to businesses that provide well-tailored solutions.

Call Freedom Frogs at 919.719.3535 to regain or maintain independence– and remember we offer free services!