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Hillcrest of Raleigh

3830 Blue Ridge Road

Raleigh, NC, 27612

(919) 781-4900


About Us - Our Story

Founded in 1951 by my grandmother and nurse Nina Smith, and since then for over 60 years we have served families that had expectations for the best. The first approved Skilled Nursing Facility in North Carolina happen to be Hillcrest. And has since then in the Triangle community remained at the foremost of senior care.

Bill Hoover and I stand for the third generation of family management and ownership; Hillcrest Of Raleigh is now placed in the top 3% out of all senior care services in the United States because we are bent on continuing our act of great quality care that places.

Hillcrest began something new in our story on July 7, 2015, when the first Crabtree Valley Rehab at 3830 Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh was acquired which is just off Glenwood Avenue, “Hillcrest Of Raleigh at Crabtree Valley” is thereby easily accessible by all the main transportation and easy access to Raleigh’s major hospitals. Eliminating outsourcing rehabilitation staff was one of the changes that we effected to elevate Hillcrest Raleigh from just being amidst the better providers to being the best. All therapists are already Hillcrest employees now, and they are specially trained in the same approaches to rehab care. Concierge Services are now being added immediately by Hillcrest Raleigh so as to provide personalized service for our rehab and long-term inhabitants. We have a goal in the days ahead to see Hillcrest Raleigh experience the transition to becoming the indisputable first choice for families that values quality care. To contact us simply click here for our information and location.

We are looking forward to meeting with you on a personal note and get to hear from you because your interest matters much to us.  In the meantime, I encourage you to accept my invite to have you come around our beautiful building, and to be a part of our upscale. Click here to join us

Ted SmithTed Smith, CEO