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245 James Jackson Av.

Cary, NC, 27513

(919) 481-3690

Welcome to Lincare

At Lincare, we have the vision to set a standard of excellence in the provision of infusion therapy, respiratory care and medical equipment to patients in the home. Our company excellence has a foundation laid with an emphasis on quality care, and this has given us the success that is characterized by clinical excellence and responsiveness. We urge caregivers, physicians, and patients to trust Lincare to help in improving the outcome of patients.


Services & Supplies

Since 1965, the name Lincare has been tantamount with high-tech oxygen systems. We have a reputation of all round the clock responsiveness and expert service representatives. Our professional staff confirms our total commitment to providing the very best of quality home respiratory service ever available.

We provide respiratory, oxygen and home infusion products and services to patients suffering from respiratory diseases, and our aim is to improve the quality of life.