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Martha Grove Hipskind – Eldercare Consultant

(919) 971-9584

MSPH, Martha Grove Hipskind is a Raleigh-based gerontologist. She is passionate in helping every person to see aging in a new dimension that invites conversation and imagination. She provides organizational consulting to faith communities, senior living providers, and healthcare systems and serves as a consultant on matters related to aging. She also trains and educates in a variety of professional and community settings and provides care services to families.


MSPH, Administration and Health Policy, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

BS, Gerontology, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas


Practice Philosophy

Over the years, Martha Grove has been opportune to work with families facing situations that outweigh the strength to make sense of them. She has touched suffering and tremendous pain but has been able to see the generous gifts of the eldercare relationship. Families have shown their expression time and again knowing fully well that their experience can be used as a means of helping others on the journey, brings healing and peace to their lives. During ten years of getting to meet with families every day, facing situations that outweighed their strength to make sense of them, the discussion seemed always to begin with the phrase, “I never imagined…”

My passion today is helping every person to see aging in provocative and new ways that invite conversation and imagination because aging is harder than it needs to be.