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Preferred Living Solutions

10520 Ligon Mill Road, Suite 100-B

Wake Forest, NC , 27587

(919) 554-0675

Personalized and Affordable Care Management


Our family helping your family.


Preferred Living Solutions staff gives you trusted the expertise and all necessary resources to help manage challenges and transitions. All these are done for you when your daily and routine changes

As a care management company, our targets are Adults, children belonging to aging parents, people with disabilities, older adults, and families who want to assure the best support and guidance for their loved ones at best reasonable prices possible.

Preferred Living Solutions serves families and individuals throughout Wake, Durham, Franklin Counties, and its surrounding areas. Like Wake Forest, North Carolina serves as our Headquarters.

When the individualized Care Management plan is necessary to meet your personal needs Preferred Living Solutions would be of most help for you


How We Can Help You

As Professional Care Managers at Preferred Living Solutions, the services we offer to you and your loved ones  are:

  • Obtaining reliable in-home care
  • Provision of alternative living solutions
  • Activating insurance care benefits for long-term
  • Support for applying for benefits such as insurance and Medicaid benefits for Veterans
  • Organizing continuous care services
  • Post-Hospital Care Plans
  • Standing by Patients as Reliable Advocates
  • Scheduling appointments for Doctors, providing transportation and accompaniment
  • Transporting and supporting patient for same-day surgeries and procedures (dental surgeries, cataract surgeries, endoscopy, colonoscopy etc.) to save school days or missed work for adult children and other caregivers
  • Applying for and seeking for employments.
  • Provision of Leisure and recreational Scheduling. Including volunteering activities.
  • Proper Funeral Planning
  • Provision of Home modification services for easy wheelchair access with repair services
  • Fetching and giving housekeeping, meal preparation, lawn care and more.

Save Money, Time, and Stress

We help families realize cost effective ways grant them peace. The biggest advantage is yet the emotional peace of mind that our services generate; knowing you are not alone in taking care of your loved one or relatives.

Therefore, If you are a family caregiver striving to keep up with the competing priorities of the partner, children, work, aging loved one, and your health and wellbeing.

If you have been worried that introducing a care manager into your life will cost too much money, our services take away your worries as we are rock solidly here to give you a cost reduced but efficient support.

  • Savings in Time and Efficiency – With past experiences we have with a broad range of resources available. We, therefore, provide our clients with recommendations precisely matching their needs, desires, and financial situation.
  • Actual Client Example: We had in the past Recommended Personal Care facility for a customer with twice the space at the same rate the client was paying. At the end of our intervention, we saved the client $4,000 as an entry fee.
  • Avoiding Lost wages –We keep family members acquainted with the changes as they occur. So family members don’t have to call in sick or take leave to care for their loved one’s needs anymore.
  • Actual Client Example: With our application of all possible technologies including email, text and web programs, we give everyone complete updates of real-time happenings.
  • Saving in Travel Expenses – We always do supervision for all levels of care including medical arrangements and appointments, operations of in-home staff. Totally eradicating the need for relatives traveling to keep a check on their loved ones.
  • Actual Client Example: We have done this by giving clients coordinated aide services by providing transportation to and from appointments saving family members from missing work.
  • Saving on Household Expenses – To clients we help them identify and recommend cost saving programs.
  • Actual Client Example: After completing moving services negotiations, we helped a client save $2,000. Recognized duplicate billing on credit card charges and saved the client another $110/month by disconnecting the additional Wi-Fi services.
  • Making the most of the insurance – Starting from ensuring secondary insurance is given and billed, down to avoiding paying unnecessary bills; we work to realize essential benefits from public programs including those from the Veterans Administration (VA) benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare.
  • Actual Client Example: Reviewing medication bill we found possible script saving options that saved the client over 25% of medication cost.
  • Saving in Care Costs – Since we had an extensive range of partners it becomes easy for us to the best recommendations appropriate for levels of care and care providers. With these recommendations, we can save our clients a great deal of time and money. We also strategically find appropriate free or low-cost products and services that may be available in our client’s local community.
  • Actual Client Example: We recommended an appropriate attorney to update POA which saved the client $400.

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