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Rex Home Services

2709 Blue Ridge Rd, Ste 220

Raleigh, NC, 27607

(919) 606-6424

Home Care Services

At times, you may need to be continued care while recovering from illness or disability or after your stay in the hospital. Home Care provides you with necessary skilled services from the luxury of your home.

Available Home Care Services

With UNC REX Healthcare and UNC Health Care, all you need is to relax and focus on your recovery while getting the greatest care from the compassionate and highly trained staff you’ve come to trust.

You may get a broad range of skilled services at the request of your physician. Such service includes:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Intermittent Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy

Your doctor may also advise you to cease the opportunity of getting additional services such as medical social work, nutritional counseling, home health aides or telehealth if you are receiving a skilled service.


In addition to offering visiting staff seven days a week, members of our experienced nursing staff are on call to address your concerns and answer questions after regular business hours

Serving 30 Counties

UNC Homecare Specialists and REX Home Services work hand in hand to serve more than 30 North Carolina counties.

REX Home Care Services provides care to patients in portions of Franklin, Harnett and  Johnston counties, and patients in Wake County.

UNC Homecare Specialists caters to countries like Durham, Alamance, Richmond, Caswell, Warren, Wilson, Chatham, Cumberland, Randolph, Duplin, Edgecombe, Franklin, and Granville. As well as Montgomery, Guilford, Harnett, Halifax, Hoke, Johnston, Scotland, Lee, Moore, North Hampton, Orange, Person, Robeson, Nash,  Sampson, Vance, Wake, and Wayne.