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Rex Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center

4210 Lake Boone Trail

Raleigh, NC, 27607

(919) 784-6642

Why Choose UNC REX

Our centers are among the highest ranked nursing homes in the state. We have earned Four and Five Star Quality Ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). View our ratings.

We own UNC REX Healthcare and operate two rehabilitation centers for the convenience of our patients and the community at heart: The UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Apex and The REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Raleigh. We are ranked as one of the best nursing centers in the state, and we have been awarded four and five-star quality rating from (CMS) the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

We give early, aggressive and intensive care for our patients suffering from an acute injury or illness so as to intervene and speed up their recovery because of our passion for saving lives. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach to enhancing that the patients recover physical, spiritual and emotional at a rapid rate. So we have a team of physicians, pharmacists, therapists, dieticians and nurses in all spheres of disciplines such as speech, physical, respiratory, occupational and psychological therapy. Choosing a UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center for you and your family member yourself or a, there is an assurance of a settled mind with the understanding that you are part taking in a care program that is a part of the UNC REX Healthcare range of services. To get more information, you can go to What We Offer and Patient and Family Resources.


Who We Serve

At the UNC REX Skilled Nursing & Long-term Care Facilities we serve patients whose condition need a continuous oversight and treatment that only licensed nurses can offer. We also give rehabilitation and nursing care for patients who require short-term recovery from an acute illness or accident. Our duty is to give support to patients that need treatment of severe conditions, especially those bedfast, so also assist them with daily activities for a particular period.

We have an interdisciplinary team of nursing assistants, licensed nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social services, dieticians, activities therapists and rehabilitation therapists in all spheres of disciplines

Our Facilities

We have a beautifully designed outdoor area for patients, residents, and other visiting family members to relax in our Apex and Raleigh centers. In our Apex Center, we offer courtyards and outdoor gardens next to each wing. Our garden areas contain trees, flowering shrubs, and perennials with paths to walk through that are smooth and wide enough to ensure free movement  for both wheelchairs and those walking.